The Renewable Fuel Standard: A Common Enemy of Liberals & Conservatives

The Renewable Fuel Standard offers liberals and conservatives an opportunity for agreement. It further exposes our government’s need to promote the growing resentment between Democrats and Republicans. And of course, it’s all about money.    The Renewable Fuel Standard is a federal mandate that requires fuel refiners to blend a certain amount of biofuels, specifically […]

Fight For $15: The Forgery of Virtue

Last Friday the Minneapolis City Council approved a $15 an hour minimum wage ordinance however, they were unable to overturn the laws of supply and demand.  Of course, the ordinance sounds good – especially for workers at or near the poverty line which, for a single person is just over $12 thousand per year. On […]

Superdelegates: The History of Grassroots Subversion In The DNC

After “winning” the Iowa caucus by 0.3% and suffering through the second largest margin of defeat in New Hampshire primary history, Hillary Clinton has managed to amass 394 delegates while Bernie Sanders has just 44. Despite receiving 56,332 more votes than Clinton, Sanders left New Hampshire with two less delegates than Clinton. For Democrats, such […]