2016: The Abattoir Of Reason

The presidency of Barack Obama has had a considerable impact on the American spirit. His administration’s singular, and some would argue horrific, brand of political gamesmanship has been equally toxic to both the left and the right. Recall that after the jihadist attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando President Obama spent significant time essentially […]

Not The Conservative Party: Shunning The Better Angels Of Our Nature

A couple months back on Fox News Donald Trump quipped, “you gotta remember that this is the Republican Party, not the Conservative Party.” This has become painfully obvious, however it’s important to remember that the Republican Party has historically been the vessel for conservatism. Not any more. This past Wednesday over thirty million people watched […]

Superdelegates: The History of Grassroots Subversion In The DNC

After “winning” the Iowa caucus by 0.3% and suffering through the second largest margin of defeat in New Hampshire primary history, Hillary Clinton has managed to amass 394 delegates while Bernie Sanders has just 44. Despite receiving 56,332 more votes than Clinton, Sanders left New Hampshire with two less delegates than Clinton. For Democrats, such […]

Donald Trump & The Suspension of Disbelief

After years of Republicans capitulating shamelessly to the demands of radical Progressives, there is reason for Republican constituents to be angry, but there is no excuse for standing sheepishly behind Donald Trump to make up for it. Dr. John Maltby, senior lecturer at the University of Leicester’s School of Psychology, has been researching how individuals […]