Destination Unknown: Swindled Or Victorious?

Poor Jeb Bush. It turns out that Donald Trump was able to insult his way to the White House. It is true that Donald Trump has a lot of supporters but he has far less believers. 53% of Republicans voted against Clinton rather than for Trump, which translates to a cold fact that only about ¼ of the total votes cast in 2016 were enthusiastically for Trump. There is no doubt that Donald Trump is a flawed, and often grotesque man who ran a flawed and grotesque campaign. Most of the country doesn’t agree with Trump on immigration, on trade and tariffs, or that all inner cities are war zones. There are millions of people who voted for Trump that are just as disgusted by his AltRight army as the Left is. What truly separated the candidates in the end was that while the AltRight spoke for Trump, he did not speak for them. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton did speak for the far radical Left when she publicly exiled half of the country to her basket of deplorables. The Left underestimated the damage of using Hillary Clinton, and now her defeat, as a criterion of how the entire country regards women.

Many of us thought that this election was a referendum on the sanity of Donald Trump but in the end it turned out to be a refusal of coastal liberalism; a repudiation of the belief that if someone truly understands what you’re saying that they must have the same opinion as you.

That brand of liberalism is now on full display across the country. The people now protesting are the same who have demanded that someone wave a magic wand and forgive their student debt. These are the same people who want someone else to pay for their healthcare. With their glass ceiling still intact they have taken to the streets, burning the American flag, attacking kids, dogs, and law enforcement while screaming about how afraid they are to live in ‘Trump’s America’.

People are screaming that hatred won the day, that justice and love lost out. Can someone please explain to me how Hillary Clinton equals love and justice in this equation? Liberals like Garrison Keillor will spend their time blaming white people, sorry, dumb white people for Trump’s success but they shouldn’t forget that their own media institutions, so blatantly weaponized over the course of the past year propelled Trump to the GOP nomination in the first place. After three billion dollars in free advertising, these same liberal elites were thrilled to have set up what they thought would be the biggest landslide in modern political history. They arrogantly lined up behind a woman so blatantly contemptuous of the residents of flyover country, standing under a ‘Stronger Together’ banner while boasting that Republicans are her enemy.

You can thank people like Colin Kaepernick, who didn’t even vote, for President Donald Trump. You can thank The Chalkening. You can thank MSU. You can thank colleges and universities for creating safe space Play-Doh rooms for grown men and women who don’t know how to emotionally process a differing opinion. You can thank Yale University for employing BLM activist DeRay McKesson, to lecture on the benefits of looting. For everyone wondering how in the hell someone can support a reality television star who has literally no knowledge of our Constitution, or how our government functions, well, this is how: keep bombarding them with mandates about who gets to use what bathroom. Keep using the federal government to harass nuns. Keep forcing people to bake cakes and marry people. Keep foisting your Pumpkin Spice Latte Lifestyle upon the rest of the country. This is what happens. Millions of people just handed the presidency to a man they don’t like, trust, or understand simply because he wasn’t more of the same. 

Now, Donald Trump’s impending Presidency, and the fact that college campuses are not representative of the real world must be accepted. It is a reminder that how we treat one another matters.

Ultimately Donald Trump remains an incredible gamble for the Republican Party. If the power of the presidency can be harnessed by actual conservatives and put into meaningful action, then we’ll be in a good place. We should keep in mind that during a conversation with John Kasich about a possible VP offer, the Trump team stated explicitly that the VP would be in charge of both domestic and foreign policy so that Donald could focus on, well, making America great again. Yes, foreign and domestic policy – or in layman’s terms – everything.   

For now, the GOP now controls the Presidency, Senate, House, Majority of State Houses, Majority of Governorships, and will chose the next Supreme Court Justice. We have a fully Republican government for the first time since 1928 and yet, after more than a year of campaigning Republicans have absolutely no idea what kind of a President Donald Trump will be. So, who just won here? Conservatives? The AltRight? Big government RINOs? The next few weeks will be very revealing and if today is any indication, then it is entirely possible that we’ll move from “Drain The Swamp” to “Make The Swamp Great Again.” This afternoon President-elect Donald Trump made Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon two of the most powerful men in the world. This galvanizes two groups: the actual GOP establishment and Pepe the frog. For conservatives that put their concerns and principles on mute to stop the spread of liberalism by voting for Trump, this is profoundly nauseating. Over the past few days my feelings have flip-flopped more than Trump’s stance on immigration: fear and anxiety to cautious optimism to gleefully stepping over the rubble of the Democrat Party and now back to disgust. And why not? I mean, mere hours before Bannon was elevated to top adviser, Newt Gingrich was on television assuring people that the Trump campaign has nothing whatsoever to do with the AltRight and that he “may not spend much time trying to get Mexico to pay for the wall, but it was a great campaign device.” Perhaps we’re to be governed by the whimsy of a vindictive narcissistic sloganeer who simply repeated what he thought his audience wanted to hear. 

Donald Trump will be taking a salary of $1/year instead of the customary $400,000. That might end up being too high a price to pay for simply winning if we fail to advance conservatism before Democrats run Kanye West and Tom Hanks in 2020.

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