The AltRight: All Cucked Up & Nowhere To Go

We are living in an age where what you say and its relation to the facts is completely irrelevant, where the measure of a man can can be cloaked in soundbites and hashtags rather than be revealed by his actions and record. Take the current front-runner of my party for example: he has stood on a GOP debate stage and praised Planned Parenthood. On that same stage he repeated the far left conspiracy theory that Bush “did” 9/11. The current front-runner of my party has made a dozen donations to the current front-runner of the Democrat party whom he was close friends with until he decided to run for President. As as businessman the current front-runner of my party continues to have his jackets, ties and shirts made in Bangladesh and China while screaming about how those very same countries are stealing our jobs. The current front-runner of my party says that he primarily consults himself on foreign policy issues because he has a very good brain. The current front-runner of my party has been the subject of nearly two hundred federal lawsuits.  

As a Conservative Republican I am currently engaged in an effort to protect my political party from being usurped by a narcissistic, blank-screen billionaire liberal. Sadly, the effort doesn’t end there. There is a particularly unpleasant “movement” that has hitched its wagon to Donald Trump and they call themselves the AltRight, or the New Right. The AltRight sees the country not as political and territorial but as a homogeneous ethnic and linguistic culture – a white culture. Indeed, when Donald Trump says that he’s going to “Make America Great Again”, what they are actually hearing is “Make America White Again.”

So when David Duke, himself a former Grand Wizard in the Ku Klux Klan, says to white people that voting for Ted Cruz is “treasonous to your heritage”, he is either willfully ignoring or simply unaware that the Constitution is the the American heritage, the birthright of every citizen. Conservatives defend a culture, not a race. The AltRight is now flaunting the same kind of racial warfare that Democrats have shamelessly used against Republicans for decades. They are feeding and enabling the Left’s industry of grievance.

Frederick Douglass once said,

“I am a Republican, a black, dyed in the wool Republican, and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom and progress.”

That is the legacy of the Republican Party.

Nationalist groups like the AltRight have been around for a long time – from the French Revolution to Mussolini’s Italy to Hitler’s Germany so it’s no surprise to find this ideology alive and well but this group has absolutely nothing to do with the right, with Conservatism or the Republican Party.

It’s chilling to see the manifestation of knee-jerk neo-tribalism in a youthful “movement” (the average age is 25) spreading throughout a country that was built on individual liberty and private property rights. For decades the Progressive Left has pushed an agenda of revisionist history in our schools and universities with the express aim of tarnishing the American legacy. In a single generation the left has transformed our founding fathers  from heroic figures to wicked racists.   

The AltRight is part of a generation completely detached from the legacy of American exceptionalism; of having every liberty with no understanding of the struggle for it and just how rare it is in the world. Sadly, the AltRight is comfortable to simply blame and mock people for not knowing history instead of actually reaching out to, connecting with and teaching them. This is the behavior of schoolyard bullies. One of their great errors has been exhibiting behavior so cringe-worthy that Conservatives have actually had to defend the Left – the very people we are engaged in a generations-long political battle with – while the AltRight gleefully engage in their own brand of abuse somehow feeling entitled to seize control of the political party that ended slavery and put down Communist Russia. By wholeheartedly embracing the Alinsky tactics of the far Left and using them against Republicans the AltRight has sandblasted not only their morality but their legitimacy as a political force. And they’ve demonstrated extraordinary cowardice in the process. Conservatives now have to struggle with criticizing the Left while defending them from groups like the AltRight.

Constitutional Conservatives have been taking on the establishment Republicans long before Trump came along. We were advancing the cause of liberty, of the Constitutional principles that made America great in the first place, and after eight years of the joyless ache of Obama’s radical agenda, Conservatives were in the perfect position to take our case to the American people. The Tea Party had produced no less than five Presidential candidates to take on the weakest, most flawed crop of Democrats this country has ever seen. Trump, unable to debate on policy, has turned his scorn on anyone in the GOP who doesn’t agree with or support him. The campaign of name-calling run by an anti-intellectual populist continues with AltRight “intellectuals” acting as interpreters. Lifelong movement Conservatives are suddenly “The Establishment” despite writing and passing legislation to prevent the spread of Sharia Law in the U.S. – which is a key issue for the AltRight.

Heroic Conservative Senators and Congressmen are “RINOs” even though they are working to defund sanctuary cities while the Democrats are busy blocking Kate’s Law. The irritating reality is that Donald Trump happens to be the one who’s a Republican In Name Only. The AltRight lambastes anyone that supports Israel – ignoring the fact that for the past eight years we have had an actual anti-semitic President. Since the AltRight believes that Jewish influence is the cause of many of our troubles, one might think that they would be supportive of President Obama and his undeniable contempt for the state of Israel. Constitutional Conservatives understand that the solutions for ending the welfare state, cronyism, corporatism, government overreach and mandates, assaults on religious liberty, and forced diversity can all be realized by returning to the Constitution itself and by understanding that our political process was designed to be difficult. Legislation is supposed to be the end result of substantial and informed debate, not character assassination via Twitter at 4am.

Performing a cultural interrogation online at 4Chan and Twitter might produce a momentary sense of self-righteousness but it certainly does nothing to build or advance a cause. It takes more than the Tweeting of a few contrarians to affect the consciousness of people. It requires organization. It takes inspiration and perseverance. For the AltRight the serious work stopped the moment Donald Trump took the lead. Suddenly, he and the AltRight by association, were inevitable. Content to squeak by with the absolute minimum amount of support – the third of a third of a third – they became cocky, happy to brag about winning instead of maintaining and growing their advantage. For most adults fear and shaming tactics lost their influence somewhere in middle school. But when challenged, the AltRight respond with pepper spray, fists, grotesque internet trolling, and base name-calling. Should the world stand in awe of a group that has confused political correctness with common decency? That celebrates and encourages the hardships of those with whom they disagree?

Sounds a lot to me like the behavior of Social Justice Warriors. And just as the SJW’s have their re-purposed gender pronouns, which seem to exist only as an effort to complicate the fact that there are but two sexes, the AltRight has their own irritatingly rakish badges which are nothing more than an arrogant over-intellectualized effort to excuse their contempt of opposing views: third-positionism, bio-regionalism, identitarianism, and propertarianism.

Indeed the AltRight seems to have much more in common with the Left than they realize. In fact, I believe they would feel much more at home in the far left wing of the Democrat Party. By examining their behavior I believe they would be more accurately represented if they called themselves the Alt-Left. The most glaring example is the grotesque hashtag “Cuckservative” – an AltRight creation specifically designed to shut down any argument that opposes the malleable beliefs of Donald Trump or their brand of nationalism. Cuckold – the husband of an adulteress and Conservative. To hear Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute describe the term:

“This is an apt psychological portrait of  ‘white conservatives’ whose only identity is comprised of vague, abstract ‘values’…”

The values he’s mocking were thoughtfully developed over years of debate and scholarship and condensed into a founding document which contains a system of government unique to the whole of mankind’s history – the fruits of which he has no doubt enjoyed throughout his entire life.

In the end it is those who gave us the term Cuckservative that are the true cuckolds – married to the deceitful pandering whimsy of a thin-skinned billionaire playboy who has spent more time drinking with Al Sharpton than fighting for anything the AltRight believes in.

George Orwell once said,

“The nationalist does not go on the principle of simply ganging up with the strongest side. On the contrary, having picked his side, he persuades himself that it is the strongest, and is able to stick to his belief even when the facts are overwhelmingly against him. Nationalism is power-hunger tempered by self-deception. Every nationalist is capable of the most flagrant dishonesty, but he is also — since he is conscious of serving something bigger than himself — unshakeably certain of being in the right.”

12 thoughts on “The AltRight: All Cucked Up & Nowhere To Go

  1. I don’t hear make America white again. If you do could you please pull your head out and listen? Herman Caine is he all cucked up ? Wouldn’t that be kinda hard? I’m not cucked up but if you would like to discuss it face to face, I’ll gladly oblige ! ( get back to me on that) What I’m tired of is a party that tells me they hold ideals that are never delivered upon. I elect people who enrich themselves at the expense of the working class, of which I am a member.


    • Thank you. This is precisely what I am talking about. Obviously you struggled with processing the content of the article. And yeah, sure… Let’s meet out by the rosebush after school – we can settle this like middle schoolers. Good day.


    • Dear Anonymous,
      I think it’s fair to say that a disturbing amount of people in general don’t care about the Constitution – indeed, that is the effect of the radical left-wing infiltrating our institutions of learning and our policies regarding immigration and assimilation. Abandoning our principles makes us no better, if not worse, than the Left. It is lazy and dangerous. Holding to and spreading the message of our principles is more challenging than Twitter wars and finger-pointing.


  2. Thanks for your well thought out post. It’s so frustrating to watch people sabotage their own interests by supporting a grievance monger who is only interested in his own promotion/agenda. He is our Obama.

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    • Thank you for reading & I absolutely agree with you. The willing self sabotage of interests and principles is horrifying. Low information, reactionary madness. I thought Obama was as bad as it could get. I thought we were perfectly positioned to make our case to the American people. Never thought the GOP could be taken over by a Democrat – the worst kind of Democrat. But it isn’t over yet.


  3. The negatives mentioned about Trump in the first paragraphs display an ignorance of the quasi-capitalist business environment business owners are forced to deal with.

    It is almost impossible to be in business successfully for any serious length of time and NOT be sued by somebody. It’s the nature of the beast unfortunately. The higher you go up the ladder the more risks that mount and the further you are drawn into the wormhole. I have been a business owner for 30+ years and have been sued 3 times (once by the feds) but never successfully. They were fishing expeditions by people that have no right to be wasting air. Though I harmed no one nor violated any laws, I was accused of doing so, and had to prove that I did not.

    I had to purchase $350k worth of business materials at the end of each year to prevent the IRS from stealing the profits. And on and on and on. The regulations and tax ramifications are unbelievable and getting worse each year.

    Without examining Trumps entire business plan it is not possible to cherry pick things that appear wrong or inappropriate to persons that have never been successful business owners. Simply, those of the employee mindset just don’t understand and it can’t be fully explained to them.

    I always hated the “business” aspect of being in business as it distracted me away from the whole reason why I wanted to be in business in the first place, to design and create unique things that benefit people in a global marketplace.

    Accountants, tax forms, lawsuits, licenses, employee requirements, and on and on and on are not what I wanted. So 5 years ago I sold everything and started anew and now I am still a business owner but I am a one man show working out of my home and workshop. I make a lot less money but it costs me a lot less to make it, so I get to concentrate on the reasons why I do what I do in the first place.

    It’s doubtful Trump chose to willingly donate to klintin, most likely he was forced into it by gov’t rules and regulations.


    • So the strong man was forced? I see. You can try hard as you like to square supporting a lifelong elderly liberal who turned to GOP platform into a near mirror image of the Dem platform. I wash my hands of this mess completely. I hope you enjoy it. Good luck.


  4. This is a deeply thought and wonderfully expressed article. You have captured my frustration with both parties. I am unsure about the basis about your point about current American history teaching children that the Founding Fathers were racist. One of my daughters was in high school until two years ago and another is now a senior. I read along with what they are studying and can’t say i have seen that particular take on the American Revolution. On the other hand, I can’t say that I’ve studies high school curricula across the country.

    One last point. I was attracted by some facets of the Libertarian party but they lost me on issues of national defense. I feel as if I have nowhere to go in this election and would gladly vote for John McCain or John Kerry.

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  5. 2 years in, do you regret this article?
    Trump’s done more to get rid of illegals than any President since Eisenhower, he’s keeping out the Moslems, he’s negotiated a deal to end tariffs on BOTH sides with the EU, rather than we drop ours and they keep screwing us! Plus, North Korea, but they might betray us again…


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