An Interview With Markeece Young, Young Black Republican

IMG_20151109_124419Mr. Markeece Young is a 20 year-old convert to the Republican Party and Conservative advocate. You can find him on Twitter, @youngBLKRepub; and on his own website, We salute his willingness to investigate the facts and hope that many young people are listening.

Hello, Markeece. Thanks so much for this interview. Young voices like yours may be the most important change agent right now, and we are so excited to hear your answers.

WWS: What expectations did you & your family have for the Obama administration? Did your family support Obama?

MY: I was 13 when Obama was elected. My family supported Obama because he was black. We expected him to be a uniter, not a divider. We now have a negative opinion of him.

WWS: What do you think Barack Obama’s legacy will be?

MY: I think Obama’s legacy will be very controversial. Half will say he’s a great leader who turned the country around, half will call him a mediocre president.

WWS: You’ve described yourself as a “former Democrat” – how do you think that happened? I’m really interested in your answer because at the age of 39, I have the sense that I always was, like I was born a Liberal.

MY: As an African American, you are kind of born a Democrat. Sadly, the black community has been conditioned to only be Democrats. There’s a lack of individuality in our community, sadly. Blacks who are Republican will get shunned. The reason I’m a former Democrat is because I was never really a Democrat at all, if that makes sense. I was only a Democrat because other people told me I was.  

WWS: What was the catalyst for you in moving to the Right? I see the liberals using race, class and gender as wedge issues, or to denounce the opposition as racist, anti-woman and so on. What do you think of some of today’s big topics, like Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, or gun control? (We saw the videos you posted on your website.) What issues are most important to you?

MY: I’m not a fan of Black Lives Matter. If they don’t protest against black on black crime, then they don’t believe that Black Lives Matter themselves. I also believe that Planned
Parenthood is a horrible organization. It has done a lot of damage to the black community.

WWS: Have you talk to your family about your changing views? Do your friends and family know about the meme you created? What has their response been? Are you likely to endorse Ben Carson as the Republican candidate, or were you defending him on principle?

How can Conservatives catch the attention of young people?

MY: I have been able to convert many in my family to Right or Independent side. Most of them voted Republican for the first time in 2014. The meme I created was to stand up for Carson on principle. I think he is a great man, but I have my doubts about him being a formidable candidate. I think that we can reach young people by talking to them. The problem is that we believe people will wake up by themselves, but that’s not how it works. We have to go where young people are – that’s social media and campuses. Let’s bring the message they care about – getting a job out of college and student loan debt.

WWS: I feel like a lot of young people who aren’t very political feel that our politics don’t really have much of an effect on their lives – how would you respond if someone were to say to you: “Yeah, what difference does it make? None of this really effects me anyway.”

MY: Sadly, I can tell you from experience that many young people believe that politics has no effect on their lives. It actually affects everything. Many young people get angry (when) the government screws them and don’t realize that they just said politics doesn’t affect anything.

WWS: We agree with everything you said, Markeece. Keep up the good work, young man!

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